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Soul Dier is a 3D classic JRPG style turn-based tactics game inspired by the Trails (Kiseki) series and many other games.


  • Classic JRPG style turn-based tactical battles with core actions including move, attack, skill, item, and wait
  • Around 60 unique levels and more than 20 hours of playtime
  • 5 chapters with various themes and unique scenes without repetitiveness, as well as a large variety of enemies and character skills
  • Lots of special level mechanics such as puzzle solving, car fight and stealth
  • An adventure story exploring a mysterious world
  • Every level is accompanied by at least one real-time 3D cutscene
  • Lightweight progression system without EXP farming, but still allows customization using charms, items and character upgrades
  • Made with Godot game engine

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Development Status

Soul Dier is still currently under development. While it is hard to estimate the precise date when we finish the whole game, we have been making steady progress as you can see in our images/videos, and we aim to release it in late 2022.

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This demo contains only half of chapter one (there is a prologue before chapter one, which is unavailable in this demo). There will be five chapters in total. You will see more interesting mechanics in the later parts, but this demo would give you a brief idea of how playing Soul Dier will feels like.

It would be appreciated if you are willing to help us improve the game by filling our survey (English | 繁體中文).

Support Us

If you like Soul Dier and want to support this game, please consider donate via Patreon. Since we will start a Kickstarter campaign soon, please also considering back us later!


Soul Dier Demo (Windows) 1 GB
Version 4.0 Jul 01, 2022

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