Demo Version 4.0

We received some very useful feedback from you and decided to remake the demo levels. After 3 months of hard works, we are excited to announce that Soul Dier demo 4.0 is released!

This is a massive update from the previous version 3.0. It includes heavily changes on the levels & pawns, and many other improvements (see below)!

Even if you have played the previous versions, no matter you like it or not, we highly recommend you to give it another try since the levels could feel very different to play.


  • Remade or changed significantly level 1.2 to 1.7 and corresponding pawns
  • Adjusted the pawn parameters to accelerate the pacing and improve the balance
  • Improved the enemy AIs to be smarter and more cooperative

Quality of Life Features

  • Added more indicators for showing skill ranges (including fuel barrels' explosion, General Anchor's missiles and robot repairers' laser)
  • Added a death preview icon for the damage preview feature.
    Accelerated some pawn animations such as moving in battles
  • Added a movement animation skip function (by simply clicking other action buttons)
  • Added player characters order rearrangement with deployment buttons

Hints and Tutorials

  • Added a panel showing detailed information and skill information for enemy pawns (skill information is locked initially)
  • Added tooltips for the pawn attributes in the pawn info panel and in the preparation screen
  • Added hints or character dialogues when losing battles
  • Added more tutorials
  • Added a loading screen waiting message when the loading time is too long


  • Changed (almost) all scenes to perspective projection instead of orthogonal projection
  • Updated numerous skill effects (e.g. Block's sword trails, city guards' flash grenade, robot paralysers' attack)
  • Changed more objects that blocks the views to be translucent in battles
  • Added camera shaking effects to the battles (can be turned off in the settings menu)


  • Replaced the "funny" BGM in cutscenes with a self-made one
  • Many bug fixing and minor updates

Significant Skill Changes

  • City Guard
    • Added a fragmentation grenade skill
  • Biochemical Soldier
    • Added a new acid splash basic attack (the toxic gas attack is now a skill)
    • Removed the "Mutation Catalyser" skill
  • Tank
    • Added a roll-over ability for the movement
    • Changed the tank to be able to move in cross directions only
    • Changed the cannon skill to require having no movement in the turn    
  • Robot Guard
    • Changed how the "Robot Rally" skill works: one sleeping robot on the field will be marked, and this robot will be awoken later by the skill from any robot guards
  • Robot Paralyzer
    • Added a knock-back effect for the basic attack
  • Robot Repairer
    • Changed the laser basic attack to be unable to shoot through pawns
  • Block
    • Added an impact mechanics for the "Upward Strike" skill: when the target is getting knocked back and hit another pawn, the target and the pawn get extra damages


Soul Dier Demo (Windows) 1 GB
Version 4.0 Jul 01, 2022

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